Join us at the Huron County fairgrounds on July 5th, 2021 for 4 miles on the 5th! We Start Handing Out Race Bibs At 7:00! Race Starts At 8:00!

2019 Mapletree Roadrace Metal

If you are unable to attend our event in person, do not worry. You can still participate Virtually!


This year’s July 5th 2021 Race is going HYBRID, which means there will be both an IN-PERSON race at the Huron County Fairgrounds along the parade route, and a VIRTUAL race to accommodate all social distancing needs and preferences. Participating VIRTUALLY means you can complete any physical activity such as running, biking,
swimming, etc. and send your name, type of exercise, time, and mileage to


By participating in the Mapletree Road Race, you are preserving the education of students at Norwalk Catholic School and the Michael H. Hay Foundation.


Thank you to our many sponsors!