By participating in the Mapletree Road Race, you are preserving the education

of students at Norwalk Catholic School and the Michael H. Hay Scholarship Fund.

Michael H. HayMichael H. Hay Scholarship – Music and Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

The Michael H. Hay Scholarship for the Arts & Sciences has been established to honor Mike’s engaging and giving spirit along with his love of music, academic excellence, and on-going commitment to giving back in the Norwalk community. Mike will always be remembered as someone who always made time to listen,  teach, and mentor students in the Norwalk Catholic Schools. The Michael H. Hay Endowment fund will help upgrade facilities as well as the student experience, specifically in the areas of Music and Science. 

 It is the desire of the founders of the Michael H. Hay Scholarship that the students of St. Paul school are inspired by Mike’s life, his passion, his devotion to the liturgy, and his mission of service as they pursue their own academic careers and their spiritual growth

If you would like to donate directly to the Michael H. Hay Endowment Fund, please click this “Donate” button and scroll down to the donation portion of our registration site. Thank you!


If you would prefer to donate with a check, you may send your donation to:

Norwalk Catholic School
Attn: Mapletree Road Race
93 E Main St, Norwalk, OH 44857